Rune of the Day: Elhaz

Rune - Elhaz3

Elhaz, also known as Algiz, is a rune that favours creative endeavours and special interest groups. It suggests a time of new interests, positive career matters, protection, and healing so let Elhaz guide you today for a day of artistic fun and recuperation!


Rune of the Day: Eihwaz

Rune - Eihwaz3

Eihwaz suggests a need for flexibility and patience – delays will be temporary and a little discomfort now will result in forward progress soon. Let Eihwaz help you let go of the outworn and unneeded things in your life and today will see the start of new and better things! 🌳🌱

Rune of the Day: Teiwaz

Rune - Teiwaz3b

Teiwaz is the rune of explosive action and emotions, as well as matters to do with justice, heroism, and strength. Letting Teiwaz be your guide today will give you the courage and focus to deal with things directly and recognise your own and others strengths in order to achieve success!

Rune of the Day: Mannaz

Rune - Mannaz3

Mannaz indicates a need to get professional advice and wait before making decisions. It also advises you to study others and yourself to discern true motives that may affect your current situation, and suggests that today is a day to try doing things differently and not planning too far ahead.

Rune of the Day: Ehwaz

Rune - Ehwaz3

Ehwaz indicates a time of travel and movement – things are changing, progress is happening and communication matters will flow freely after the apparent freezing up of the last few days. Ehwaz brings harmonious relationships between people as well as between your experiences with your own inner and outer worlds so be assured that today will be a day of getting things done and you’re on the road to better things! 🐴

Rune of the Day: Naudhiz

Rune - Naudhiz3

Naudhiz, or Nauthiz, is the rune of need or necessity. It gives the drive to achieve your desires while urging you to look after your own needs. Let Naudhiz burn bright in you today and you will find passions rekindled, ambitions ignited and hidden or forgotten needs illuminated, but don’t forget to temper the flame with patience and clear thinking or you may burn out! 🔥