Card of the Day: The Moon

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The Moon is embodied by Hecate, the triple faced goddess of the moon, magic, enchantment and the Invincible Queen of the underworld. Her power stretched across the realms of earth, the heavens and the underworld and she also presided over birth, death and fate. (The original queen of multi-tasking!)

It is her connection to multiple realms that gives The Moon the aspect of times of confusion, fluctuation and uncertainty, with Hecate’s strong association with the underworld prioritising intuition and the unconscious as a way to find your path through the different environments.

The Moon marks a time to trust your gut and pay attention to your dreams, and above all, focus on your hopes and ride the currents that carry you through the deeper waters of the unknown to your destination. 🌒🌕🌘

Card of the Day: Three of Cups

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The Three of Cups shows Psyche on the day of her marriage to Eros – and while this is no doubt a joyous occasion and the beginning of new adventures for her, it is also a union based on naive trust and surface information; Psyche cannot see her groom and is a long way from understanding the deeper truths of her new partner and how this knowledge will reveal the deeper truths within herself.

This gives the Three of Cups the aspect of joyful beginnings- births, marriages, love affairs or other experiences that provide emotional fulfilment and promising futures. But as this is a card of beginnings there is also the implication that, like Psyche, there are deeper levels to these experiences to discover and further explorations to be made in the future. 💧

Card of the Day: Six of Cups

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The Six of Cups brings us Psyche brooding over Eros’ abandonment and her actions that led to it, but she has moved past regrets and is now finding a measure of tranquility as she realises how precious her relationship with Eros was and has learnt things about herself from her experiences with him.

This gives the Six of Cups the aspect of nostalgia and serenity, and the feeling of harmony that comes with inner truths. Things have been learnt from recent troubles and you’re ready to move on with this new knowledge and step into the future. There is also the indication that past dreams are ready to come into fruition and reunions with people who have been important to you could be on the horizon. 💧

Card of the Day: Ace of Swords

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The Ace of Swords sees Athene in her role as goddess of justice who attended to Orestes’ plea for help when he was pursued by the Furies. When the jury she set up became tied in their final verdict, it was Athene who used her incisive intellect to cast the deciding verdict and engineer a solution that gave Orestes peace and appeased the Furies.

This gives the Ace of Swords the doubled edged aspect of using the mind to resolve or create conflicts. The cutting power of the mind, and the convictions and ideas it creates spur actions and consequences that can be positive or take a negative turn depending on the motives of the individual.

The Ace of Swords, as the first of the Swords suit, also signifies new viewpoints stemming from conflict with old ways, and the awakening of mental powers that could change your life. ⚔️

Card of the Day: Nine of Cups

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The Nine of Cups brings Eros and Psyche celebrating their reunion after Psyche has survived Aphrodite’s quest and both lovers have earned their place with each other.

This gives the nine of Cups the aspect of celebration after efforts made, rewards and validation for commitment to a task and the fulfilment of a wish. 💧

Card of the Day: King of Cups

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The King of Cups manifests as Orpheus, singer, priest, and healer, whose lack of faith in the bargain of Hades led to his wife losing her chance to escape the underworld. The fame he earned as a priest in the aftermath inspired the jealousy of Dionysius, who then sent his maenads to tear Orpheus apart.

This gives the King of Cups the aspect of working with the hidden realms of emotion and spiritualism and while having a skill in helping others with these realms, not being able to trust your experiences when they apply to yourself. This can particularly be seen in the counselling and healing professions and can be applied equally to someone you may encounter as to yourself. 💧

Card of the Day: Seven of Swords

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The Seven of Swords shows Orestes, Prince of Argos, creeping back into the city to kill his mother for her murder of his father.

This gives the seven of swords the aspect of using quieter and more subtle skills to achieve your aims. Guile, wit, tact and diplomacy will serve you better right now than brashness or strong-arming, though you may be uncomfortable with the results of your success no matter how it is achieved.

This dislike of your end goal and unease over the means to achieve it come from the root of Orestes story – Orestes was sent on this task of stealth by Apollo, given a mission from a god he couldn’t refuse despite knowing that the matricide would incur the wrath of the Furies. ⚔️