Card of the Day: Wren

2018-11-10 12.47.15

Wren is a symbol of both humility and cunning and indicates a need to appreciate the small beauties to be found in life. Flying with wren today will let you have the cunning to achieve great things with the smallest efforts, make best use of delegation and charm your allies with your gentleness and subtlety.

Card of the Day: Crane

2018-11-10 12.48.00Crane suggests a need for patience and perseverance, and focus despite distractions. Flying with crane today will aid you in these quiet skills so that you can make progress with your endeavours and also be able to help others with their journeys to inner realms.

Card of the Day: Boar

2018-11-10 12.44.17

Boar symbolises the warrior spirit that helps you find your direction on life, it also suggests the need to venture into the dark wood of your inner self to discover a secret about yourself. Running with the boar today will inspire you in your creative endeavours or give you the power to rise to a position of authority, while stirring in you a wildness that when harnessed can be used for acts of heroism that bring insight and healing to the world! 🐗

Card of Day: Swan

2018-11-10 12.34.16

Swan symbolises love, beauty, grace and depth of soul. It also has associations with the threshold of the Otherworld and the part of us that can travel there. Letting swan fly with you today will help you receive inspiration from the Otherworld and open you to love entering your life! ðŸĶĒ

Card of the Day: Eagle

2018-11-10 12.40.11

Eagle suggests a need to look at the wider context to understand the issues occurring in your life and make better decisions, while also giving you the ability to set clearer goals. Let eagle fly with you today and you will gain a fresh sense of purpose and the courage and confidence to see your journey through! ðŸĶ…

Card of the Day: Raven

2018-11-10 12.50.13

Raven is a symbol of protection, initiation and healing and suggests a time of old things dying and new things being born. Fly with raven today and you will be able to navigate these changes and resolve buried conflicts ready to start a new phase in your life.

Card of the Day: Fox

2018-11-10 12.49.28

Fox is a symbol of diplomacy, cunning, and wildness and suggests a time to evaluate whether you should stay silent and keep your own counsel or stand up and be counted. Unleashing your inner Fox today will help you temper your cunning with wisdom and diplomacy to choose the right approach and reach the best balance in your actions! ðŸĶŠ

Card of the Day: Cat

2018-11-10 12.39.11

Cat suggests a time to patiently observe and consider things before you make your judgement and urges you to act at your own speed. Cat also indicates a unification of the spirit worlds with a highly developed sensuality, so letting your inner cat loose today will allow you to gain the wholeness that comes from perfectly balanced physical and non-physical worlds. 🐈ðŸ˜ļ

Card of the Day: Water Dragon

2018-11-10 12.30.50

Water dragon suggests a time of passion, depth and connection where things that are hidden will be brought into light and long repressed memories or wishes which have been forgotten or repressed will emerge and may overwhelm you. Let water dragon be your guide today and it will help you face these emergent things with compassion and courage allowing you the ability to find balance and stability while you integrate them and achieve a greater sense of connectedness and depth of soul! 🐉