Card of the Day: The Magician

2019-01-27 12.29.24

The Magician is embodied by Hermes, god of many talents – trickster, ruler of magic and divination, bringer of sudden changes in fortune, patron of thieves and liars, trusted messenger of the gods and guide of both earthly travellers and of the souls journeying to the underworld.

A child of both light and dark, and master of the four elements, Hermes brings the Magician the aspect of wisdom that touches body, mind, heart and imagination, giving you the inner resources to find your direction and carve your path with the skills at your disposal.

But while the Magician tells of the skills you already have, it also indicates potential new skills and knowledge and creative talents yet to manifest. There are new opportunities to explore and a swell of energy to help you on your travels along new paths that will lead you to a brighter and more interesting future.