Rune of the Day: Ansuz

2018-11-29 12.14.10

Ansuz is the runic symbol for mouth or divine breath and is also known as the rune of Odin the All-Father.

It is said that after Odin hung from the world tree to gain knowledge of the runes, he then desired the gift of divine utterance. This could only be attained by drinking the mead of poetry, made from the blood of wise Kvasir as all those who drank the mead became either wise or a poet. After a little trickery, Odin obtained the mead and changed himself into an eagle to carry it back to Asgard. He spilled a little of it on the way and this fell to earth and inspired mortal poetry, and when the mood took him, Odin would favour mortals or other deities with some of the poetic mead.

This gives Ansuz the qualities of guidance from above and influence from authority figures, as well as indicating that inspiration can be found in dreams, meditation or other spiritual questing.

Rune of the Day: Ansuz

Rune - Ansuz3

Ansuz indicates a need for guidance or help from elders or authorities. It suggests a time of learning where communication is needed and inspiration will be forthcoming, and can also warn of a situation changing suddenly. Let Ansuz be your guide today and wisdom shall be yours! 👄🗯📢