Rune of the Day: Eihwaz

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Eihwaz is the runic symbol for yew tree and also relates to the Norse god Ullr, god of winter and winter sports, archery and hunting, who was thought to make his home in ‘Yew Dales’ and likely used yew to make his bows… 🏹

The yew tree represents the cycle of death and rebirth, and was adopted by northern cultures as a symbol of eternal life or longevity and the yew was frequently planted over burial sites to transfer its immortality to dead souls. The yews qualities of renewal can be seen in its use as a Yule log during midwinter solstice, where the wood is burned to persuade the sun to return and in the Norse Rune Poem is called ‘the greenest wood in winter’

This gives Eihwaz the qualities of death and renewal, indicating that while a change may be unwelcome, with patience and flexibility benefits will emerge. 🌳🍂🌱

Rune of the Day: Eihwaz

Rune - Eihwaz3

Eihwaz suggests a need for flexibility and patience – delays will be temporary and a little discomfort now will result in forward progress soon. Let Eihwaz help you let go of the outworn and unneeded things in your life and today will see the start of new and better things! 🌳🌱