Rune of the Day: Laguz

2018-11-28 10.00.09Laguz is the runic symbol for water or lake and is also believed to have connections to the Norse moon god Mani – a god associated with the movement of time, and also divination, witchcraft and the protection of both the living and dead.

This gives Laguz connections with emotions, the flow of life, the psychic realms, the tides, and bodies of water and can indicate a time where imagination and spiritual matters are important and travel is likely. Laguz also suggests a time of ebb and flow, where outside forces are in control of your fate and you must ride out their currents until you are brought safe to your required destination.


Rune of the Day: Laguz

Rune - Laguz3b

Laguz is a rune of birth and beginnings, of going with the flow and tapping into your deeper intuition. It is also the rune of water, lakes and the sea so long distance or overseas travel may be indicated.
Laguz suggest that today will be a day of ebbs and flows, where you will find strength and success in being adaptable to whatever the seas of life bring you so sail onwards for a good day! 💦🧜🏻‍♀️🌊