Card of the Day: Owl

2018-11-10 12.41.05

Owl suggests the need to turn your disadvantages into advantages and adapt your methods to make best use of your current resources. Owl also brings a heightened awareness of the Otherworld so flying with owl today will help you in your esoteric studies or improve your connection with nature. 🦉


Card of the Day: Fox

2018-11-10 12.49.28

Fox is a symbol of diplomacy, cunning, and wildness and suggests a time to evaluate whether you should stay silent and keep your own counsel or stand up and be counted. Unleashing your inner Fox today will help you temper your cunning with wisdom and diplomacy to choose the right approach and reach the best balance in your actions! 🦊

Card of the Day: Cat

2018-11-10 12.39.11

Cat suggests a time to patiently observe and consider things before you make your judgement and urges you to act at your own speed. Cat also indicates a unification of the spirit worlds with a highly developed sensuality, so letting your inner cat loose today will allow you to gain the wholeness that comes from perfectly balanced physical and non-physical worlds. 🐈😸

Card of the Day: Water Dragon

2018-11-10 12.30.50

Water dragon suggests a time of passion, depth and connection where things that are hidden will be brought into light and long repressed memories or wishes which have been forgotten or repressed will emerge and may overwhelm you. Let water dragon be your guide today and it will help you face these emergent things with compassion and courage allowing you the ability to find balance and stability while you integrate them and achieve a greater sense of connectedness and depth of soul! 🐉

Card of the Day: Adder

2018-11-10 12.48.49

Adder has connections to the Underworld and the realm of death and symbolises the ability to travel between the realms through the smallest cracks in their barriers. Adder also brings healing and transformation and a potent sexual energy so unleashing your inner adder today will allow you to shed your old skin, slither easily into your new life or possibly have good day with your love life! 🐍

Card of the Day: Seal

2018-11-10 12.46.53

Seal indicates a time to listen to the messages from your subconscious and open yourself to your dreams and longings. Letting your inner seal out to play today will transform these dreams and longings into reality and bring healing and love into your life.