Card of the Day: Bull

2018-11-10 12.30.12

Bull ends the year with the promise of a rich and abundant life to come. Bull also indicates the need to work steadfastly over a period of time to achieve this wealth so letting your inner bull guide you today will give you the fortitude and patience to reach success!

Card of the Day: Bear

2018-11-10 12.33.12

Bear indicates a connection to your most primal roots and finding your personal power. Let your inner bear roar today and you will be able to unite your strength and instinct with your intuition to achieve your goals and take your place in the world! 🐻

Card of the Day: Horse

2018-11-10 12.51.34

Horse indicates a journey, either in the physical world or in the spiritual realms. Letting horse be your guide today will make your travels speedy and will also help you be more comfortable with all aspects of the life cycle from birth through life, death and rebirth. 🐴

Card of the Day: Hind

2018-11-10 12.50.44

Hind suggests a need for gentleness and grace, and a need to look beyond the surface to the heart of things. Letting hind be your guide today will help you face the day with elegance, subtlety and a greater degree of sophistication while also helping you with your explorations in the more spiritual parts of your life!

Card of the Day: Salmon

2018-11-10 12.39.32

Salmon brings wisdom, youthfulness and inspiration to your day and suggests the need to keep an open mind and innocent attitude in your endeavours as now is not the time for strong-headed determination. Swimming with your inner salmon today will let you find wisdom from examination of your roots and inspire you in your journey to come! 🐟