Card of the Day: Five of Wands

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The Five of Wands puts Jason at the point of battle with the monster guarding the Golden Fleece, giving this card the aspect of struggle and problems that must be overcome before you can progress. The Five of Wands also indicates limitations created by a conflict between ability and aims, where the current practicalities of life are clashing with ideals or plans. It may be necessary to improve skills or recover physical health before current aims can be achieved, and it may also be worthwhile re-examining your plans in case you’ve missed or underestimated something important. 🔥

Card of the Day: The Empress

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The Empress brings us Demeter: earth mother, ruler of nature and protector of the young and defenceless. Demeter’s realm governs the orderly cycles of life and nature and growing things, and she can be seen in matters relating to the gestation and birth of new life, and the rites of marriage.
This gives The Empress the earthier side of life – births and marriages could be indicated, but also the birth of creative endeavours or a creative partnership. Either way, there is the need for patience and to nurture things to fruition. 💐🌾

Card of the Day: Six of Wands

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The Six of Wands brings the triumph of Jason, his trophy of the Golden Fleece and the public recognition that comes with successfully completing his quest. As such, the Mythic Six of Wands indicates a time of achievement and public acclaim as work and efforts are finally rewarded. This could manifest as a promotion, a publication, winning a scholarship or gaining a qualification so enjoy the well deserved praise and success and when the cheers die down, don’t be tempted to rest on your laurels, as keeping your rewards and building on your successes will also need attention and work. 🔥🏆

Card of the Day: The Fool

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The Mythic Fool is seen as Dionysus, god of fertility, ritual madness and religious ecstasy, theatre and all things wine! This Fool demands the abandonment of logic and the old order in favour of celebrating chaos and the unknown. It is a time for new ideas, new beginnings and new adventures far out of your comfort zone. Get rid of your fears and cautions, and listen to the impulses that may seem irrational or over dramatic because these risky new things may be just the thing to shake you out of a rut and introduce you to a new part of life that you’d not imagined possible previously. 🎭

Card of the Day: Page of Wands

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The Mythic Page of Wands brings Phrixus riding the golden ram to Colchis where he would sacrifice it to Zeus, its fleece later becoming the inspiration for the more famous quest of Jason and his Argonauts. And as the fleece provided the inspiration of the quest, so too does the Page provide today’s spark of creativity, inspiring a time where artistic talents and creative abilities are ascendant, and the power of your imagination will burn bright. The Page is also a messenger so new ideas, new ventures or new opportunities are well starred, and like the great quest that evolved from the small sacrifice of the ram, these new ideas or ventures, no matter how small, will be the embers that light a bigger fire! 🔥

Card of the Day: Judgement

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Judgement brings Hermes in his aspect of guide of the dead and summoner of souls to be brought back to life. Hermes’ Judgement indicates a time of new beginnings where your past actions, for good or ill, will shape the future you are about to step into. It is also a time that brings clarity about those past actions and experiences, and with new understanding will come the tools to build a better future.

Card of the Day: Justice

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January’s Justice comes from the goddess Athene and brings with it qualities of balanced wisdom and impartial decision making. There is a need to use Athene’s sword to cut through to the essential truths of a matter and step back from the emotional factors to evaluate things with cold logic, cleverness and a little diplomacy. ⚖️🦉

Card of the Day: Bull

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Bull ends the year with the promise of a rich and abundant life to come. Bull also indicates the need to work steadfastly over a period of time to achieve this wealth so letting your inner bull guide you today will give you the fortitude and patience to reach success!

Card of the Day: Bear

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Bear indicates a connection to your most primal roots and finding your personal power. Let your inner bear roar today and you will be able to unite your strength and instinct with your intuition to achieve your goals and take your place in the world! 🐻