Card of the Day: King of Hearts

2019-04-22 08.33.02The King of Hearts indicates the influence of a mature fair haired person who is good natured, impetuous, kind, loving, affectionate, and will give good advice but may have trouble handling their own emotions as they care more for others’ troubles.

The King is the card of a great romantic who is easily tempted and flattered. They are charismatic, have a knack for making people feel valued and special, tend to be sociable, generous and enthusiastic but may lack discretion and are not always the wisest of judges.

Today the King of Hearts brings good luck to your endeavours and indicates a time when ambitions will be successfully achieved, especially in areas where the imagination and intuition are key. The King will also guide you through matters of the deeper mind and the spiritual world but watch out for too much dreaming as the King can get distracted with fantasy worlds and forget the necessity of more earthly concerns.