Card of the Day: Knight of Wands

2019-01-24 12.47.30

The Knight of Wands brings the tireless adventurer Bellerophon into view, here seen on his quest to slay a chimera. Bellerophon was known to be an enthusiastic fun loving young man whose need for new challenges often got him into trouble with both mortal men and the gods.

This gives the Knight of Wands the aspect of a daring and adventurous nature that can manifest as the constant need for new goals and dissatisfaction with current circumstances, always wanting to go a bit further with your achievements; and while this can sometimes mean inviting a tumble when reality clashes with your dreams, it can also bring the spirit of adventure into your life and put you on the way to a new enthusiasm for something or a move of home or country. Either way, life will not be boring! 🔥