Card of the Day: Seven of Swords

2019-01-14 13.49.17

The Seven of Swords shows Orestes, Prince of Argos, creeping back into the city to kill his mother for her murder of his father.

This gives the seven of swords the aspect of using quieter and more subtle skills to achieve your aims. Guile, wit, tact and diplomacy will serve you better right now than brashness or strong-arming, though you may be uncomfortable with the results of your success no matter how it is achieved.

This dislike of your end goal and unease over the means to achieve it come from the root of Orestes story – Orestes was sent on this task of stealth by Apollo, given a mission from a god he couldn’t refuse despite knowing that the matricide would incur the wrath of the Furies. ⚔️

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